1/ Jeremy Scott x Adidas sneakers (similiar here) , 2/Packing, 3/ The best, 4/ On our way to Hamburg
5/ New Haircut, 6/ New in: Burberry Tie Dye Pants, 7/ Michael Kors watch, 8/ At the station

INSTAWEEK #3. At first, sorry for the lack of updates this week but I had not so much time, because of school work.Still lovin the way to share personal impressions in a few seconds with a cool filter. For anyone who hasn't joined instagram lately, should do this! Actually I heard that it's also avaible now for Android. Have you seen the new layout? 3 hours of work, but I love it and the pictures are now bigger than before, so sorry for the terrible looking old posts. What are you doing this weekend and what do you say to the new layout?

Instagram and Statigram: Prettyillusion


Kenzo Schuhe bei Spartoo


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    1. Leider (noch) nicht.. Aber überlege mir die in der Denim version zu kaufen!

  2. Oh my God, those shoes!! SO GOOD