Okay Ugg boots, you hate or love them BUT I found these glitter Uggs some minutes ago and I don't know if I should cry or laugh so I made this little collage. Seriously.. is this a joke? I started to think more about reasons why to hate them (is it even worth to think about these?) and created a little list, why you should hate Ugg boots. 

1. The price - two hundred dollars for a pair of glorified slippers and some girls own at least 3 or 4 pairs so GIRLS save that money and buy some louboutins or something like this, but don't spend it on this!

2. The look in general - shapeless winter slippers/boots. nothing to add. I hope your feets are getting wet while wearing them when it's raining! 

3. The quality - You spend hundreds of euros for a low quality product? I see so many people walking in the city with the sole worn down.. I don't get it!

If you decide to wear them, please, I impetrate you, please wear them only in winter and not with shorts in summer like some LA gossip girls. You think you will look fashionable? No you will just look like a dumb idiot.

PS Irgendeiner eine Idee, was für Schuhe ich mir holen  kann?

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  1. hahahahahhahaha gut gemacht !! D: